Our Crane Fleet

McIntosh Cranes have a fleet of Cranes available for hire ranging from 3 tonne to 400 tonne
  • We will dispatch the correct crane for your job, dependent on the weight and distance to be moved.
  • All McIntosh Cranes are supplied with friendly and qualified operators that will operate the crane for the duration of your hire
  • The operator is included in the hourly crane hire rate
  • While on site our driver/operators all follow strict safety expections and follow safe work procedures, rules and instruction.
  • McIntosh cranes can be hired 24/7 subject to availability

Call 0800 622 276 and ask for Crane dispatch or
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Liebherr LTM 122-5.2 30

Grove 400 tonne

Liebherr 300 tonne

Liebherr TM 220 tonne

Rating chart:
400 Tonne - Grove GMK6400

Rating chart:
300 Tonne - Liebherr LR 1300 SX-W

Rating chart:
220 tonne - Liebherr TM 1220-5.2

Grove 100 tonne crane

Demag 140 tonne

Grove 100 tonne

Demag 100 tonne x2

Rating chart:
140 Tonne - Demag AC 140

Rating chart: 
100 Tonne - Grove 5100

Rating chart:
100 Tonne - Demag AC100 4/L

Liebherr LTM 1055


Tadano GT-600EL

Liebherr 55 Tonne


Rating chart:
60 Tonne - Tadano GT-600EL

Rating chart:
55 Tonne - Liebherr LTM 1055-3.2

Rating Chart:
25 Tonne - TIDD PC25